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Hotel Cancel Refund Details

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What is it?

If travel agents or travelers cancel their booking, the Hotel Cancel Refund Details API is used to provide an exact refund amount directly at that point of time.

Note: This API should only be used for sources that support it. Whether a source requires it or not can be found by using the Get Hotel Supplier Configurations API.

Why use it?

The Hotel Cancel Refund Details API returns the exact refund amount (for supported sources) if a booking is cancelled, reducing the time that travel agents need to spend to calculate cancellation penalties for a traveler.

How it works

This API uses request parameters to identify the credentials to be used, and then retrieves the booking from the relevant Hotel Aggregator. Once done, the API will then retrieve the exact refund amount if the booking is cancelled at that time:

Search Parameters:

  • targetPcc – PCC where the booking was created, to be able to fetch the aggregator credentials associated to that PCC.
  • vendorCode – Supplier chain code associated to that booking.
  • confirmationId - The hotel confirmation number returned by the aggregator.
  • leadTravelerEmail - The email address associated to the lead guest, provided at the time of booking.
  • corporateId - The corporate ID of the company (if used during booking) to allow us to pick the correct credentials.

The response will contain:

  • refundAmount - The exact refund that will be provided to the cardholder if the booking is cancelled before the next cancellation policy kicks in.
  • currencyCode - The three-letter ISO-4217 code of the currency.
  • expirationDate - Date till which this refund amount is valid.
  • expirationTime - Time on expirationDate till which refund amount is valid. If there is no "next" cancellation policy, expirationTime will not be returned.

How to use

This is a supplemental API designed to be used along with existing PNR read APIs available today. The source of the mandatory fields in the request are added below:

  • targetPcc

    • GetReservationRS - /Reservation/POS/Source/@BookingSource
    • getBookingRS - .creationDetails.userWorkPcc
  • vendorCode

    • GetReservationRS - /Reservation/PassengerReservation/Segments/Segment/Product/ProductDetails/Lodging/ResGlobalInfo/HotelInfo/@SupplierChainCode
    • getBookingRS - .allSegments.vendorCode
  • confirmationId

    • GetReservationRS - /Reservation/PassengerReservation/Segments/Segment/Product/ProductDetails/Lodging/ResGlobalInfo/BookingInfo/HotelReservationIds/HotelReservation/@Id with Type="40"
    • getBookingRS - hotels[].confirmationId
  • leadTravelerEmail

    • GetReservationRS - /Reservation/PassengerReservation/Segments/Segment/Product/ProductDetails/Lodging/Rooms/Room/Guests/Guest/@Email
    • getBookingRS - .travelers[].emails where traveler is the lead traveler

The API is designed to be included in the Cancellation workflow, such that when an agent decides to 'Cancel' a hotel booking, you can internally call this API and show a User Interface (UI) popup to the agent / traveller with the refund amount if the booking is cancelled at that time.