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Hotel Price Check

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What is it?

The Hotel Price Check API is a step between Shopping and Booking that ensures the price returned while shopping for a chosen product is still applicable and the lowest possible just prior to booking.

Why use it?

You can use this API to verify whether the rate you are seeing is the latest rate sent by our supply source, without having to maintain information at the user’s end. Hotel Price Check is a mandatory step you need to take before you can proceed with booking a product.

How it works

  • The API accepts only a single input parameter, a rateKey that is unique to Sabre. This Rate Key is returned in the Get Hotel Availability and/or the Get Hotel Details response.
  • The rateKey is decrypted to find the original availability request with all of its original parameters, and is then sent to the correct supply source to fetch the latest rates for the chosen product.
  • The latest rate is compared against the earlier shown rate, and the user is accurately shown whether the rate has increased or decreased in value.

How to use

  1. Create an availability request for a hotel using either the Get Hotel Availability API or the Get Hotel Details API before selecting a product to run the PriceCheck API for.
  2. Take the encrypted rateKey from the availability response and pass it to the Hotel Price Check request in the payload.