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The below list applies to the latest versions of the CSL shopping APIs. Message codes may be either returned as Errors (ERR) or Warnings (WARN) depending on the API being used and your request parameters.



<Warning timeStamp="2021-05-03T08:01:41.825-05:00" type="Validation">
        <Message code="WARN.0788">Invalid format for search by distance</Message>
        <Message code="WarningDetails">Cannot sort by distance when searching using hotel codes directly</Message>



"Warning": [
          "type": "Validation",
          "timeStamp": "2021-05-04T15:57:19.231-05:00",
          "SystemSpecificResults": [
              "Message": [
                  "code": "WARN.0788",
                  "value": "Invalid format for search by distance"
                  "code": "WarningDetails",
                  "value": "Cannot sort by distance when searching using hotel codes directly"


Code Error Cause Resolution
0161 Search Criteria Invalid Request is invalid.

Refer to the 'ErrorDetails' or 'WarningDetails' node under Application results to validate the cause of failure, and update your request accordingly.

0822 Invalid third party rating requested Rating filter has incorrect values.

Validate the values entered in the 'SabreRating' element are valid.

Possible errors - Min > Max, Min < 0, Max > 5.

0788 Invalid format for search by distance Sorting preference cannot be applied based on request parameters.

Change SortBy to a value other than 'DistanceFrom' if your request includes HotelRefs instead of GeoRef.

0404 Invalid start/end date combination Check-in and/or check-out dates are invalid. Validate that your start date is after current date, and before end date.
0767 Invalid room stay index Room Indexes for a multi-room shopping are not sequential. Add any missing room indexes to the request. You can include them in any order e.g. 1,3,2 or 1,2,3 as long as all of them are present.
5029 Pax configuration should be same across the rooms requested Adult and child count varies across different room indexes. Ensure all rooms have the same guest configuration.
0852 Invalid children ages Child age not specified.

Ensure that the age of every child is specified under 'ChildAges' and the age is under 18. If the search is for two (2) children, ages for both children should be comma separated and added in the request e.g. 11,12.

0408 Last page of data already displayed When searching for more pages, you added an offset value greater than the max number of pages available.

Each offset refers to a 'page'. Number of pages in the response can be calculated using the MaxSearchResults (from the response) and the PageSize (from the request).

0790 No properties found for reference point / distance requested No properties found for search location area.

If you're using the 'GeoAttributes' element to filter properties, try removing it.

If you still don't see any properties in the response but are confident they should be returned, contact support by emailing

0775 Nothing found for requested criteria Depending on the API being used, this may be returned as either an error or warning. Refer to the errorDetails or warningDetails returned in the response for additional information. Validate the message returned under the 'Details' node and proceed accordingly.
0001 No response at requested time Temporary timeout error in the flow.

Retry your request after some time.

0448 System Error Unexpected internal error.

Contact support by emailing

0424 No hotels found which match this input No property found. This error may be returned for invalid hotel codes in GetHotelList, GetHotelAvail and HotelSearch APIs as long as the hotel codes entered were all numeric.

This can be due to various reasons:

1. The property id is invalid.

2. The property id is now inactive.

3. Additional search filters (under HotelPref) have removed all available properties.

0366 Error during processing, please retry Unhandled internal exception. If this occurs for a continued period of time,

contact support by emailing

0263 No rate could be found for the given information No rates returned by suppliers, and we were unable to determine a cause. If seen repeatedly,

contact support by emailing

0102 No image data Available Images were requested in the response but were not available.

If the request contained 'CategoryCodes' the images may have been available but removed since they did not match the requested category code. 

If the request doesn't contain Category codes, images are not available for the property.

5097 Please specify the Currency Currency code is mandatory in the request if the request contains a rate range filter. Either remove the rate range filter or add the currency code to the request.
0249 Invalid rate code Rate key added to the request is invalid. Send a valid rate key in the priceCheck request, as returned from the initial availability response.
0724 Vendor response error May be returned due to multiple scenarios. 

Refer to the 'ErrorDetails' or 'WarningDetails' element for more details.

If the details node simply says "Please contact webservices support," please do so as the supplier will need to be contacted to resolve the issue.

5276 Not authorized to switch to <pcc> You are not allowed to shop in the PCC you've added under the POS element in the request. 

The PCC under the POS element should have branch access relationship with your sign-in PCC. Add the correct branch access relationship as necessary, and then wait for five (5) mins for the changes to take effect.

In some cases, this error may be returned when it shouldn't. If this happens for more than five (5) mins, please contact webservices support.

5099 Invalid PCC. Length of PCC is greater than four (4) characters. Your sign-in PCC is not a four (4) character alpha-numeric PCC, and you don't have a valid PCC input under the POS element. Make sure that either the sign-in PCC or the PCC mentioned under 'POS' is a four (4) character alpha-numeric value.
5027 Exceeds the number of properties that can be requested Search exceeds the maximum number of properties that can be requested. Reduce the number of hotel codes in the request.
5100 Please check Info Source and Pre-Paid Qualifier combination for results The rateSource added in the request is currently not supported for the requested rate type.

Review the rateSources in the request and the prepaidQualifier.  Refer to the API documentations to identify the supported prepaid qualifiers for the different rate sources.

0061 Invalid currency code

Requested currency code is not supported

0364 Error rate range Invalid rate range added to request. Ensure that 'Min' under rate range is not greater than 'Max'.
0414 More days were specified than exist in inventory Start date is more than 330 days in the future. Update the check-in date to be within 330 days from the current date.
0409 Maximum length of stay restriction Stay cannot be for more than 220 days Update the check-out date to be within 220 days from the check-in date. This is an overarching validation across the platform, but different sources may have different validations for them. 
5024 Should not be more than nine (9) guests per room A room element has more than nine (9) guests in it. Update the request such that no single room element has more than nine (9) guests (Adults + children) in it.
5275 Aggregator disabled by PCC. Please contact PCC admin The rate source you're trying to shop is not enabled for your PCC.

Ask your PCC admin to log in to the HotelManager application, enable the aggregator and load credentials.

If you're still seeing this message after just making this change, wait for approximately one (1) hour before shopping again.

If you still see the message, contact support by emailing

5262 No rates available for requested combination This error is returned if Exact Match is set to true, but the rates returned by the supplier do not match the requested rate codes, rate types, or client IDs.

If you don't want to see only specific rate types, set Exact match to false.

If you're sure the supplier returns the requested rates but you're still not seeing them, check additional request filters like Rate range, Refundable only, and prepaid qualifier to see if they are removing those rate. 

If you're still not seeing the rates, contact support by emailing

0392 Invalid hotel code Requested hotel code is not available. The hotel code may have been marked inactive since the last time you used it. If the requested hotel code is not available in CSL but you're able to shop it in legacy,

contact support by emailing

5300 No rates available for requested combination Requested negotiated / contractual rates are not valid based on feed received for the PCC. Reach out to the third-party source to ensure the required rate codes are correctly loaded for your PCC.
5266 Either HotelRefs or HotelPref is required Depending on the API, your request should contain either HotelRefs or HotelPref. You cannot send a blank request with no filtering criteria. Add either HotelRefs (or GeoRef) OR HotelPref to your request.
5272 Need to provide one of MarketerCodes,ChainCodes,HotelCodes,PropertyName or PropertyStatus An empty Hotel Pref element was added to the request. Add at least 1 child element under the HotelPref element.
5273 Number of properties requested cannot be greater than 5000 Depending on the API, a different number of Hotel Codes can be added to the request. If returned, ensure you do not add more than 5000 hotel codes to this API request.
5278 Hotel name can contain only the following special characters ! # $ % ’ ( ) * + , - . / Unsupported special character was added to the HotelPref - HotelName element Remove unsupported special characters and retry the request.
5259 Multiple CodeContext not allowed All hotel codes should have the same code context in the request. No code context is treated as SABRE by default. Ensure that all the Code Contexts in the request are the same.
0106 Too many rooms/units The requested rate source does not support a request with multiple room elements. Either change the requested rate source or shop for a single room.
0322 No availability Property is not available for requested dates. Check the warning details to get more details on why property is not available. Try with alternate properties or different check-in/check-out dates.
5311 Property not available for requested dates All properties or all rates for a property filtered in response due to agency rules. Try with the alternate property or update the agency rules.