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Get Hotel Lead Rate

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What is it?

The Get Hotel Lead Rate API obtains the lowest available priced product (room/rate) from the requested supply sources based on stay criteria which includes stay dates and occupancy status. It also comes with multiple search parameters and filters.

Why use it?

The Get Hotel Lead Rate API allows you to find the best possible stay rates for your booking. You can select to see the lowest available rate per each property, or from each supply source per property. The Rate Key which is returned in the response allows you to select the product for your booking.

How it works

This API comes with multiple search parameters and filters which are as follows:

Search Parameters:

  • Hotel IDs – information for up to 200 properties can be included in a single request
  • Supply sources – you can specify the sources which needs to be included in the search criteria and the necessary access which needs to be enabled. You can also specify if the API should return with the below points:
    • The lowest rate across all supply sources – this would return with a single rate for each property.
    • The lowest rate for each supply source – this would return with one rate per property per source based on the availability.
    • The lowest public and negotiated or contractual rate for each supply source - this would return with up to two rates per property per source based on the availability, where one of those rates would be a public rate and the other a negotiated or contractual rate.
  • The currency code in which the rates should be returned.
  • Stay dates
  • Number of rooms
  • The number of guests including children, along with their age group.
  • Rate plans including any negotiated or contractual rates.
  • Corporate discount codes
  • Loyalty IDs and/or frequent flyer numbers
  • Filter based on Rate type – prepaid vs post-paid

The response will contain:

  • Property ID
  • Lead rate
    • Rate before and after tax
    • Average nightly rate before and after tax
    • Supply source of rate
    • Commission information – the commission which is made from the point of sale
    • Unique rate key for the rate, which must be referenced in the HotelPriceCheck if the API user wishes to book the rate
  • Currency
  • Room type
  • Bed Type
  • Rate plan
  • Cancel policies and any penalties associated with the rate
  • Guarantee information
  • Amenities available at the property
    Note: If the API Client wishes to book any of the rates, they can refer the rate key for the rate and request using the HotelPriceCheck API.

How to use

To filter your request, you should select the following features:

  • Property ID
  • Code Context (Sabre ID or Global ID)
  • Occupancy and Rooms
  • Stay Dates
  • Prepaid Qualifier
  • Currency
  • Rate Range
  • Rate Plan Type, Negotiated Rates, Corporate Rates, Publicly Available Rates
  • Loyalty IDs, Corporate Discount Codes, Frequent Flyer IDs
  • Supply Sources
  • Lead Rate per property or from each supply source per property

The response then returns with information about the rate, including amounts before and after tax, the tax and fee breakdown, the cancel penalty information, and commission information. It also returns with a Rate Key, which is a required piece of information to be used during booking.