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What is it?

The Get Hotel Details API provides any availability and media content of a specific property, with descriptive and visual content from all requested supply sources based on the specified stay period and desired occupancy. With the Get Hotel Details API, you can request specific Rate Plan Codes, Rate Plan Types and Client IDs, Loyalty and Corporate Discount IDs, and pre-paid/post-paid rates, across all supply sources or per supply source. Get Hotel Details also returns the pricing summary and breakdown, payment indicators, cancellation and guarantee policies, and commission information.

Why use it?

The Get Hotel Details API is used to retrieve all available products at the selected property from multiple sources along with all its descriptive and media information.

How it works

  • Descriptive content for the selected hotel is retrieved from an index.
  • Any media content for the hotel is converted into the format requested by the user and then returned to the user.
  • Availability requests are then sent out to all selected rate sources, and all available products are returned in the response.
  • The Get Hotel Details API orchestrates all this information in its response.

How to use

  1. First, select the hotel you want further information on, such as its availability and static content.
  2. Select your desired hotel's descriptive information.
  3. Select the number and type of media items you want to see in the response. Valid values are different for each media Type:
    • Images
    • Panoramic Images
    • HD360
    • Videos
  4. Specify the stay period and occupancy.
  5. Set any additional rate qualifiers such as RatePlanCodes, ClientIds, LoyaltyIds, etc.