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Get Hotel Descriptive Info

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What is it?

The Get Hotel Descriptive Info API is used to retrieve location and detailed property information for specific Sabre or Global hotel IDs.

Why use it?

The Get Hotel Descriptive Info API is used to view static hotel property content for a specific property ID. This includes property description, location information, amenities, security features, and other hotel descriptions. Further customize the response by specifying the kinds of property descriptions you'd like to see in the response.

How it works

This API retrieves detailed hotel information for a single property. The source of the information depends on the context of the property ID which is a mandatory search parameter. Additionally, you can also specify the required information to be included in the response:

  • Property information
  • Location information
  • Amenity information
  • SecurityFeatures
  • Types of descriptive information to be included in the response:
    • Short Description
    • Dining
    • Facilities
    • Recreation
    • Services
    • Attractions
    • Cancellation Policy
    • Deposit Policy
    • Directions
    • Policies
    • Safety Info
    • Transportation Info
    • Guarantee Policy The response will contain:
    • Property Information
    • Property Id
    • Property name
    • Property location information including address, neighborhood and latitude/ longitude
    • Brand and chain information
    • Sabre Property rating
    • Indication whether the property is active or not
    • Number of floors at the property
    • Total number of rooms at the property
    • Property type – apartment vs resort etc
    • Amenities that can be requested– Rollaway / crib/ etc
    • Contact information
    • Amenities
    • Policies regarding aspects such as check in and check out among others
    • SecurityFeatures

How to use

  1. Choose a property for which you want to descriptive data. Note: You can use the Get Hotel List API to find a Hotel Code that matches your search criteria.
  2. Set the boolean flag to true in the API request for the specific descriptive information you want to see in the response.
  3. Select the number and type of Media items you want to see in the response. Valid types are different for each Media Type:
    • Images
    • Panoramic Images
      • HD360
    • Videos