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Get Hotel Content

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What is it?

The Get Hotel Content API enables customers to view all hotel descriptive and media content for a specific property ID. Customers can specify a list of descriptions that they want to see in the response. The response returns location information, detailed property information, and all visual content about the specific property entered.

Why use it?

You can use this API to see an orchestrated response that contains all descriptive information such as Hotel Location, Amenities available, and accepted forms of payment with visual content for a property.

How it works

  • Static descriptive content for a property is acquired from multiple sources, normalized, and then indexed.
  • Visual content is acquired from multiple content sources and stored on a media hosting platform.
  • This same data is available individually through the Get Hotel Media and Get Hotel Descriptive Info APIs.
  • The Get Hotel Content API retrieves this data and orchestrates it into a single API response.

How to use

  1. Choose a property for which you want to view content. Note: You can use the Get Hotel List API to find a Hotel Code that matches your search criteria.
  2. Set the boolean flag to true in the API request for the specific descriptive information you want to see in the response.
  3. Select the number and type of Media items you want to see in the response. Valid types are different for each Media Type:
    • Images
    • Panoramic Images
      • HD360
    • Videos