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What is it?

The Get Hotel Availability API provides multiple location resolution methods (or a specific property search) for a specific stay period and occupancy. It has multiple advanced search filter options based on property/image content, and enables customization of the availability response. It returns up to 200 hotels per page, sorted on one of three user-selectable criteria: Rate, Distance, and Rating.

Why use it?

You can use this API to see an orchestrated response that includes a list of properties with their leading image, static content (such as amenities offered and location information), and the lowest rate available for each property through multiple channels.

How it works

  1. Hotels falling within a user's search location are retrieved using the Geo Search API.
  2. User requested filters, such as Rating, are applied to the list of hotels.
  3. Static information, a default image, and the lowest rate for each source are then fetched for the filtered list of hotels.
  4. The Get Hotel Availability API then orchestrates all this information in its response.

How to use

  1. Search for hotels in a general location using any of the following location formats:
    • Latitude and Longitude
    • Address of the location
    • Airport Codes
    • Nearest point(s) of interest
    • If you already know the HotelCodes you want to shop for, you can also input these directly.
  2. Decide on filtering criteria if you wish to apply any filters to the response.
  3. Specify the stay period and occupancy.
  4. With all required parameters complete, make a call to the /v4.1.0/get/hotelavail endpoint.