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Property Name Autocomplete

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What is it?

The Property Name Autocomplete API returns a list of closely-matching properties for a text-based hotel name search.

Powered by the Content Services for Lodging (CSL) platform, this API returns an on-the-fly list of up to five (5) of the most relevant property predictions to aid travelers in selecting their desired property.

Why use it?

Use this API to provide an autocomplete functionality for text-based property name searches. From the list of suggested properties, travelers can select a property that most closely matches their search.

For example, if hyatt dallas is entered, then Hyatt House Dallas Uptown** and Hyatt Regency North Dallas property information will be returned.

(sample rendering of how this could look like to users is provided below):

How it works

  1. Call this API with a minimum of three (3) characters as a search query to find the relevant property information.
  2. By default, this API returns up to five (5) of the most relevant properties related to the search. There is also an optional parameter to limit the number of results returned, which can be between 1 to 50 results per search.
  3. The response is sorted by relevance and contains additional information for each search result, including hotel name, hotel code, latitude, longitude, city name, and country name.