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Deprecated API

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What is it?

No New Users - All new users must use GetVehAvail

In detail: the API retrieves rental car availability and total pricing data based on a specified pickup location and travel date. Numerous optional search preferences are available to sort and filter results, including the ability to include/exclude vendors, specify special equipment, such as a luggage rack or navigation system. The response contains: 1) available rental cars most closely mapped to the specified location, such as “DFW” (Dallas/Fort Worth International); 2) rental car price by vehicle type, such as economy or mid-size; 3) guaranteed and prepaid indicators, such as when payment (credit card) is required at the time of booking; and 4) rate plan type, such as prepaid, inclusive or negotiated/corporate.

Note: rates will vary based on qualifiers including credit card, currency, mileage and rate assured plan, special equipment and rate or tour code.

Why use it?

You could use this API to give travelers the ability to shop rental car rates and availability for a given rental car company. From this information, brand-loyal customers can find their preferred rental car company within their specified geographic area.

How to use

Point of sale

  • Results are based on U.S. point of sale only, regardless of whether the point of sale is associated with your authentication credentials. To obtain results in a currency other than the default currency (USD), specify a currency code within the request.