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Content Services for Rail - Book Split

Travel Agency
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What is it?

This method is used to issue tickets for split order.

Why use it?

Use this method to finalize contracts between customers and rail vendors.

How it works

  1. Use this endpoint to send a request to the Rail vendor system.

  2. The order's status is changed to confirmed, and tickets are generated with a status of "issued".


  • Travel documents are available for each ticket. In order to receive them call the PUT /v2/rail/orders/{marketingCarrierCode}/{id}/splitPart/{splitId}/travelDocuments method.
  • The payment itself is not part of this method. It is a separate process from the CSR API.
  • Order Cancel is no longer available. Instead, the Void method can be called to cancel tickets if the Rail vendor's business rules enable it.

Caution: Consuming this API and its content requires special permission. Before requesting access, please make sure you have all the necessary agreements in place with the rail vendor(s) you would like to sell using Content Services for Rail. For more information on accessing Sabre Rail content and rail supplier contacts, please visit the respective product page on Sabre Central.

Vendor Code Payment via API Notes
SNCF 2C No “On account” only. Direct settlement with agency. No individual or corporate credit cards.

How to use


POST /v2/rail/orders/{marketingCarrierCode}/{orderId}/splitPart/{splitId}/salesContract


No need to provide additional data. splitId is the same as the passengerId which this part applies to.


No data is returned upon success. To review the current status of an order, refer to the GET /v2/rail/orders/{marketingCarrierCode}/{orderId}/splitPart/{splitId} method.