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What is it?

This API presents all active COVID-19 and crisis events information in the world.

Why use it?

Embed our API on your website for your customers to review active events to:

  • Reduce travel stress
  • Help travel resumption
  • Find the safest place to travel
  • Increase confidence in travel

How it works

This API combines and matches data retrieved from external providers.

To get the response, use one of our endpoints:

  • /v1/worldevents/events - Returns basic information about events containing descriptions, severities, locations, countries, and dates.
  • /v1/worldevents/detailedEvents - Contains additional fields about events adding summaries, advices and resources.

How to use

Sample request:

curl --location \
--request GET '' \ 
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <ATK_TOKEN>'

Sample response:

    "id": 294754,
    "name": "Cracow - Restrictions",
    "startDate": "2021-06-08T01:44:09Z",
    "endDate": "2021-07-05T23:59:00Z",
    "severity": "CRITICAL",
    "locations": [
        "name": "Cracow"
    "countries": [
        "code": "PL",
        "name": "Poland"
    "description": "Cracow slightly eases domestic COVID-19 restrictions as of June 7. International entry restrictions remain in place."