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CKI Flight Passenger List

Airline Carrier

What is it?

The GetPassengerList service supports retrieving a list of passengers matching the requested filter conditions. It supports identifying passengers by one or more characteristics, passengers on the priority list, misconnected passengers and flight details.

Why use it?

As part of the check-in process, it is necessary to have the ability to identify all passengers on a flight having specific characteristics. Due to this, this service is an important component of any complete and thorough check-in process.

How it works

This API retrieves a list of passengers matching the requested filter conditions. To achieve this goal, the service completes the following steps:

  1. Retrieves the passenger list for the requested edit codes or special service requests (SSRs). Multiple edit codes and SSRs with OR and AND conditions are supported.
  2. Sorts the passenger list based on the sortSequence parameter value if defined in the request.
  3. Fetches ancillary code details if ancillaryCriteria is defined in the request.
  4. Retrieves the number of misconnected passengers if the includeMisconnectPaxCount flag is set to true.
  5. Retrieves flight details if the includeFlightDetails flag is set to true.
  6. Retrieves the PWT display data if the includeFlightGenderZoneCounts flag is set to true.
  7. Returns the response.

Note: If a passenger list with DOCS or DOCA edit codes is requested, the DOCS and DOCA information is returned in the response within the infoTextList array instead of the travelDocumentList array. The native host response does not currently support travelDocumentList information. In order to match the native response, this API does not return the travelDocumentList array.

How to use

GetPassengerList service enables the airport agent to fetch the passenger list of a flight by providing the below parameters

  • The cabinClassCode must be provided if the request is for one cabin only, else the Passenger lists include passengers booked in all cabins.
  • If the PassengerList is required for a single leg of the flight, the Arrival Airport Code must be provided.
  • When the flag "includeFlightDetails" is set, the service returns the details for the Flight in the GetPassengerList service response.
  • When the flag "includeMisconnectPassengerCount" is set, the services return the details of the misconnect Passenger Count.
  • When "displayCodeList" along with "condition" is mentioned under "displayCriteria", the GetPassengerList service will fetch the list of passengers based on the condition and edit codes.
  • SortSequence can be provided if sorting is required based on these options (NAME/SEAT/SEQUENCE/GROUP_NUMBER)
  • GetPassengerList service will fetch the list of passengers based on the requested ancillary code mentioned under "ancillaryCriteria".