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CKI Flight Manifest

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What is it?

The Flight Manifest API is used to generate manifest reports for various types of information. This API has can display, print, and/or email different manifests as well.

Why use it?

It's important for airline staff to understand the counts of passengers, and the counts of special type of passengers, on an aircraft. The Flight Manifest API retrieves this required information, using as few parameters in the request as possible.

How it works

Flight Manifest helps facilitate the display, printing, and emailing of manifest reports (for one or more manifest types) for a specific flight.

  • The response contains separate manifest reports for each of the manifest types requested.
  • If any or all of the manifest type fails during processing, the respective manifest block in the response will have an Error Block to indicate the error corresponding to the specific manifest.
  • You can select any or all the manifest types under manifestTypeList to get manifest data for all types in a single request.
  • Get Flight Details internally orchestrates multiple calls to the host to fetch the manifest data for each of the supported types and responds with a manifest data list for all types requested.
  • In the event of a flight incident, the flight in trouble (FIT) process allows the airline to restrict viewing of flight manifests. If the flight requested is in trouble, the service will return FLIGHT RESTRICTED.

How to use

The service facilitates to display, print and email manifest reports for one or more manifest types for a specific flight as requested by the client.

The mandatory/optional information to provide in the request includes:

  • Airline code (required)
  • Flight number (required)
  • Departure airport code (required)
  • Departure date (required)
  • Manifest type list (optional)
  • Other manifest type edit code (optional)
  • Passenger Edit Codes (optional)

The following are the manifest types supported:

  1. Manifest Type List

    • Preliminary Manifest
    • Passenger Information List
    • Passenger Information – Inbound & connection list
    • Passenger Information List – All
    • Post-Departure Manifest
    • Premium Seating Chart
    • Final Flight Information
    • Special Passenger Manifest
    • ICAO Passenger Manifest: Displays a list of ICAO passengers on a flight.
    • HAJ Manifest: Displays a list of HAJ passengers on a flight.
    • UMRAH Manifest: Displays a list of UMRAH passengers on a flight.
    • IATA Passenger Information List
    • Priority List Manifest
    • Infant List Manifest
    • Infant ON List Manifest
    • Passenger Counts Manifest
    • Special Meals Manifest
    • General Declaration Manifest
  2. Other Manifest Type Edit Code - You can also enter single display edit code or a combination of multiple display edit codes but it suppots only AND condtion.

  3. Passenger Edit Codes - You can also enter single display edit code or a combination of multiple display edit codes with either AND or OR condition.

You can request for Manifest Type List along with either Other Manifest Type Edit Code or Passenger Edit Codes. But you cannot request the both Other Manifest Type Edit Code and Passenger Edit Codes in a single request.

API also supports display, print and email manifests. But only one of the options (Display/Print/Email) can be requested at a time.

  • Display lists all types of SSCI Flight manifests which a client may request for a specific flight by providing basic report and furnishing flight manifest data at the departure airport. Set the request parameter for display to YES.
  • Print option facilitates to print all types of SSCI Flight manifest types that are sent to a hardcopy configured printer for which LNIATA is mandatory.
  • With Email option, all types of SSCI Flight manifests will be electronically mailed. For Email option, address list is mandatory with one or multiple addresses separated by a comma.

In the event the manifest type requested is none, the API will still initiate the display, print or email but with the value as NONE LISTED.