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CKI Flight GENDEC Retrieve

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What is it?

The CKI Flight Gendec Retrieve API supports retrieving the general declaration, commonly called GENDEC for a flight. The GENDEC contains data pertaining to the crew, illness, disinfect, and aircraft registration information.

Why use it?

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have agreed on the standards for reporting documents which are published in ICAO Annex 9 and in WHO International Health Regulations.

Among the reporting documents is the General Declarations Form (GENDEC). The GENDEC is a basic report furnishing flight crew information as required by the public health, immigration, and customs authorities at the departure, transit, and arrival ports of each flight. To retrieve GENDEC information for a flight, the airport agent uses the CKI Flight GENDEC Retrieve API.

How it works

´╗┐The CKI Flight GENDEC Retrieve API retrieves crew info, infection info, illness info, and aircraft info required for the General Declarations report. If the data listed is more than one, then the display will be a single string wherein each will be separated by a comma.

However, the aircraft information comprises the tail number and arrival airport code. Only the value for aircraft info can be overridden.

In the event of a flight incident, the flight in trouble (FIT) process allows the airline to restrict GENDEC retrieve. If the flight requested is in trouble, the API will return FLIGHT RESTRICTED.

How to use

The CKI Flight GENDEC Retrieve API is prepared at the station of origin for the entire flight and is completed by each station where the GENDEC must be handed to the authorities.

If a crew change is done, the station concerned must prepare a new GENDEC for the remaining sector of the flight.

To make a successful call to this API, provide the mandatory information below:

  • flightCriteria - It contains flight information like airline code, flight number, departure airport code and departure date.