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CKI Flight Boarding Clearance Request

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What is it?

The CKI Flight Boarding Clearance Request service facilitates the option to get the boarding clearance status for all passengers for whom boarding clearance was not associated previously.

Why use it?

Some government agencies mandate the carriers to perform a pre-boarding validation for passengers by submitting the passenger data well in advance (approximately 72 hours prior to departure). To ensure the carriers are compliant, ACI triggers a boarding clearance request automatically when the flight is initialized.

If a need arises for the airline to request boarding clearance for all passengers in the flight again, an ad hoc request can be made. By doing so, all passengers with travel documents in the flight will have an associated boarding clearance status.

How it works

´╗┐The service is consumed to override the boarding clearance for cross border operating flights and not marketing flights.

Anytime during the flight window in ACI, a boarding clearance request can be made for all the passengers on the flight who do not have BPPR.

During the check-in period, statuses may be requested for all passengers on a flight who do not have a status, for example, if a previous batch message failed to return a status. If an interactive message timed out, and the passenger is marked as TIMEOUT, the passenger is included in this request. If a passenger is marked as OVERRIDE, he is not included in this request. This is a means of collecting and conveying advance passenger information (API) to governments and obtaining advice on the eligibility of passengers to travel to that country or countries.

How to use

The CKI Flight Boarding Clearance Request service has the capability to request for passenger boarding clearance status. The boarding clearance request functionality is supported to get the status from the following mentioned mandates/agencies:

    - U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
    - Korean Immigration Authorities. (Korean iAPP)

For successful execution of CKI Flight Boarding Clearance Request service, the requestor must provide the flight information such as airline code, flight number, departure date, and departure city.