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Stateless Seats API

Airline Carrier
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What is it?

DISCLAIMER: The service is currently an alpha version and is meant for testing and feedback purpose only. The contract of this service is subject to change.

Seats service is lightweight API and can be used to retrieve seat map with prices and perform other operations related to the seats portion of a travel itinerary.

Why use it?


Leveraging this stateless seats service is accompanied by the following capabilities listed below.

  • Shop for seats: Stateless Seat Shop Service [endpoint: seats/shop] provides a list of available seats for a specific flight for one or multiple passengers. Seat request should provide passenger/s details [passenger type etc] for single flight segment. The service responds with the seat map, seat prices and other relevant information. Seat availability and seat prices [free seats or paid seats], are based on given passenger data. Discounts will be returned if applicable.

  • Add seats: This service allows the user to book a specific seat/s for passenger/s for a specific single flight, in addition the user may apply seat price override. Prior to adding the specified seat/s the user may call the above service [seats/shop] to obtain a list of available seats with prices [free seats or paid seats]. Based on the seat service response user may then call the service seats/add to reserve the specific seat/s for the requested passengers that should be added to the reservation.

  • Remove seats: This service allows a user to cancel previously booked seat/s for a particular passenger for a flight segment.

You can download the postman collection with sample usage of stateless seats service from our collection here. The collection contains details about how to setup and perform operations using stateless services.