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Stateless Payments API

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What is it?

Stateless Payment Service is a lightweight API that can be used for authorization and cancellation of payments for itinerary (VCRs) or ancillaries (EMDs) documents.

This API supports diverse types of payments and can be used for payment authorization and cancellation for any of the flows built using DC Stateless APIs.

Why use it?


Stateless Payment Services uses Sabre Payment Gateway and can be used to perform various payment-related functions. It incorporates the following capabilities:

  • Ability to support the below types of payment either as a single (SFOP) or a combination of options (MFOP).
    • Credit Card, including 3D Secure (3DS) versions V1.0 and V2.0
    • Debit Card
    • Travel bank
    • Agency Credit Limit
    • Gift Card
    • Award
    • ApplePay
    • External 3DS
    • Alternate Form Of Payment(e.g. PayPal)
  • Ability to support installments.
  • Ability to specify the accounting city, LNIATA, and duty code which dictates where and how the ticket will be issued.
  • Ability to perform pre-ticketing fraud check, providing results as [ACCEPT, REJECT, REVIEW, ALLOW, UNSUPPORTED, OK] to help take further action if needed before completing the transaction.
  • Ability to perform cancel authorization on previously authorized transactions.


  • There is no prerequisites to use this service, its allows collecting payment for any provided amounts or perform authorization based on an offer id or offer details provided in the payload.

How it works

Authorize Payment

Stateless Payment Service [endpoint: payments/authorize] performs authorization for selected itinerary[TKT] or ancillaries[EMD]. Request should be provided with PNR, payment method and passenger price breakdown. It uses a maximum of 2 payment methods in a request. The service responds with authorization details if it is successful and redirect info if it is a 3DS credit card and in case of any failures it returns an error with details.

Cancel Payment

Stateless Payment Cancel Service [endpoint: payments/cancel] allows a user to perform cancel on a previous authorization. Request should be provided with payment transaction details[which are returned in /authorize response] for processing cancellation. The service responds with cancellation details if it is successful and error details if failed.

How to use

Download the postman collection with sample usecase(s) of Stateless Payments Service. The collection contains details about setting up and performing operations using stateless services.