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Stateless Payments API

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What is it?

DISCLAIMER: The service is currently an alpha version and is meant for testing and feedback purpose only. The contract of this service is subject to change.

Payments stateless service is used for validating if the PNR is valid for fulfillment and to Authorize the specified payment method(s). This API supports combining up to 2 forms of payment MFOP and also prevents any fraudulent activities based on passenger and payment details. When using multiple forms of payment MFOP, this service distributes the amount automatically for Authorizing VCR's and/or EMD's. If using Agency Credit Limit (ACL), the service automatically logins into the ACL account for using agency credit.

Why use it?


Stateless payment service can be used to perform various payment-related functions. This service uses Sabre Payment Gateway. This optional service incorporates the following capabilities:

  • This service automatically allocates the amount between VCR's and EMD's for Authorization.
  • Ability to perform pre-ticketing checks such as:
    • Validating a PNR
    • Validating if the PNR has a Price Quote (PQ's).
    • Validating if the total amount is equal to the total requested amount.
    • Validating if PQ's, AE's, and requested currency to issue VCR/EMD has the same currency, including installment as FOP with interest.
    • Validating the installment interest amount.
    • Ability to validate the amount for unfulfilled PQ's and AE's.
  • Ability to specify the accounting city, LNIATA, and duty code which dictates where and how the ticket will be issued.
  • Ability to support the below types of payment either as a single FOP or a combination of options (MFOP).
    • Cash
    • Credit Card/Debit Card
    • Travel bank
    • Agency Credit Limit
    • Gift Card
    • Installments
    • 3DS - V1.0
    • 3DS - V2.0
    • Awards
  • This service provides the ability to perform pre-ticketing fraud check. Results of fraud check will be returned as [ACCEPT, REJECT, REVIEW, ALLOW, UNSUPPORTED, OK] to help take further action if needed before completing the transaction.


  • PNR should be created and should have a valid/active itinerary and price quote, With any one of the following combinations
    • PQ's and AE's
    • AE's (New, post-booking)
    • PQ's.


  • Payment stateless service does not support the MFOP combination - Installment (FOP1) + ACL/TB (FOP2).
  • A full or partial payment failure results in a failed transaction. A partial failure cannot be resumed, rather a new payment transaction will need to be triggered.
  • The Service will not be supported for PNR's having Multiple PQ's per segment per passenger.
  • The service does not return any Authorization code for Cash FOP.
  • The service will not validate if PNR has missing PQ w.r.t segments added for new bookings.
  • Payment stateless service will not issue VCR on already ticketed PNR.

You can download the postman collection with sample usage of stateless payment service from our collection here. The collection contains details about how to set up and perform operations using stateless services.