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Stateless Booking Creation API

Airline Carrier
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If you are interested in using Digital Connect Stateless APIs, please reach out to your account director.

What is it?

Stateless Create Booking is a service created for airlines that allows you to quickly create a flight reservation together with all extras (seats, ancillaries) using a web service.

Why use it?


Create booking.: Booking can be created by sending only one request with all the information (flights, passengers, documents, ancillaries, seats) that should be added to reservation.

How it works

Stateless Create Booking API

Stateless Create Booking API(/v1/dc/bookings/create) provides a single, unified service to create a booking for different content sources. This is achieved by executing internal calls to the PNR, Order, Pricing, and other domains. As a result of execution a Passenger Name Record is returned.

How to use

Download the postman collection with sample usecase(s) of Stateless Booking Create Service. The collection contains details about setting up and performing operations using stateless services.