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Air Exchange Search API

Airline Carrier
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If you are interested in using Digital Connect Stateless APIs, please reach out to your account director.

What is it?

The Stateless Air Exchange Search API is designed to perform a search for itineraries with the search criteria during exchange. It searches for new flights in the existing bookings using 'exchangeShopping'. The response contains a list of itineraries with fare offerings and detailed price breakdown.

Why use it?


  • In the exchange flow for a given search criteria along with the PNR to be exchanged, the Stateless Air Exchange Search service makes a downline request to obtain available flight offers.
  • The service is highly customizable and offers various search criteria supported by the core service. For a list of all supported criteria, please visit the Exchange search request under reference documentation.

How it works

  1. User sends a request to search for new flights with PNR in exchange flow.
  2. System uses the PNR to search for valid flight offers and returns the same.

How to use

Download the postman collection with sample usecase(s) of Stateless Air Exchange Search service. The collection contains details about setting up and performing operations using stateless services.