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Calculate Exchange Ancillaries Price

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If you are interested in using Digital Connect Stateless APIs, please reach out to your account director.


What is it?

Stateless Exchange Ancillary Price API is used to get ancillary prices for new ancillaries and ancillaries to be exchanged (Additional collect, even exchanges, residual refund, re-association).

It provides details of the offer, along with original and new prices, price differences in cash and/or points.

Why use it?


  • The API provides the capability to get the prices for the newly added ancillaries, prices for ancillaries to be exchanged with revenue and points (Dynamic).
  • It supports Offer mode and Payload mode.
  • It supports both revenue (credit-card, gift-card, travel bank, etc.) and/or points (Dynamic).
  • It provides the exchange results based on each document (Additional Collect, Even-Exchange, Residual-Refund, New EMD Issuance, EMD Re-Association).

How it works

Stateless Exchange Ancillary Price API [endpoint: exchanges/priceAncillaries] performs pricing of the selected ancillaries. Prior to adding the specified ancillaries or seats, the user may call the service/s [ancillary/shop] to obtain a list of available ancillaries or [seat/shop] to obtain a list of seats with prices.

This API supports pricing of ancillaries using any two modes -

  • OfferId mode - Point of sale will provide necessary details based on the offers selected (seats, ancillaries).
  • Payload mode - Point of sale will provide EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) and/or air extra (AE) details which are to be issued or exchanged. (Note - It does not support mixed mode (Offer payload mode).)

Request should contain PNR, offers (offerItemId), exchange documents, refund documents (optional) and air extra (AE).

The API will respond with offers (offerItemId), original prices, exchange or residual refund price in cash and/or points for the exchange documents provided.