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Cruise Rate Category

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What is it?

The Cruise Rate Category service provides a list of public and group fare codes with their booking eligibility criteria. Other related information includes combinable fare codes, fare code validity date range, guest occupancy restrictions and more.

It also provides a list of berthed category codes with prices associated to a fare code, their base prices with relevant currency information, associated deck details, category location, promotion and other amenities related information.

It also provides information on air transportation which includes the gateway city name, air class and air price.

Why use it?

The Cruise Rate Category service has the capability to get a list of cabin categories with other related information such as promotional offer details, cabin category location, deck information, cabin occupancy restrictions, air transportation information and more.

Fare code provides the option to check and select the best public and/or negotiated fare types along with their booking eligibility criteria.

Both of these endpoints allow you to select the best offer available, speeding and easing the process along.

How it works

The Cruise Rate Category service offers two endpoints:

  • Fare code
  • Category code

The Fare Code API is configurable as it allows you to request both for public and negotiated fare codes. For a given voyage id, it gets the list of public fare codes. If available, with the help of an optional group indicator qualifier, it also fetches the list of group/negotiated fare codes from the cruise supplier.

The service also provides an eligibility criterion based on an optional qualifier as per the fare code rules.

The Category Code API provides a list of cabin categories along with promotional offer details, if available. It provides a base price for different guest counts like single adult, double adult, third guest, and more along with deck information and guest occupancy restriction details.

Note : All the information is provided in real-time by the specific cruise supplier.

How to use

The Cruise Rate Category service offers two endpoints. Below are some specific use cases for each endpoint:

Use Case 1:

Get list of public and/or group/negotiated fare codes along with fare code rules. POST HTTP/1.1

Use Case 2:

Get list of cabin categories for sailing. POST HTTP/1.1