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What is it?

The Cruise Info API provides a list of sailing options with details such as departure date, ship, duration, embarkation port, disembarkation port, and more, from both single and multiple cruise suppliers. It also provides information on agency groups, if available. In addition, the Cruise Info API also provides media content such as ship images and itinerary images.

The Cruise Info API is a one-stop shop where users can perform both generic and targeted searches by applying several filters like cruise line preferences, ship preferences, region preferences, embarkation and disembarkation port preferences. Due to this, agents can narrow down their sailing results, which will allow them to quickly and efficiently complete their shopping time.

Why use it?

  • The API provides varied cruise sailing availability information based on the search criteria used.
  • It also provides a brief description of the schedule for a particular day of a sailing itinerary, and any media content related to it, such as ship and itinerary images.

How it works

The Cruise Info API is a highly configurable service which allows you to request information such as:

  • Sailing details
  • Itinerary details
  • Media content

Apart from specific sailing-related information, you can search via more generic qualifiers, such as:

  • Date range
  • Single and/or multiple preferences for cruise vendor
  • Ship preferences
  • Geographical regions
  • Embarkation and/or disembarkation ports

How to use

The Cruise Info service offers multiple endpoints. Below are some specific use cases for each endpoint:

Use Case 1:

Get sailing information based on generic search qualifiers like cruise vendors, ships, regions and more. POST HTTP/1.1

Use Case 2:

Get sailing information for a specific voyage. POST HTTP/1.1

Use Case 3:

Get day-to-day itinerary information for a specific voyage. POST HTTP/1.1