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Cruise Facility

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What is it?

The Cruise Facility API is used to provide cabin information, hold and release a given cabin, and request specific dining options.

Why use it?

  • Retrieve lists of available cabins, and related information, such as location, deck name, bed configuration, and more.

  • Hold and release a given cabin.

  • Retrieve dining options and information, such as table details, dining time, and more.

How it works

The Cruise Facility API offers four services – one to display a list of cabins, one for holding a cabin, one for releasing a cabin, and one for displaying dining options.

  • The Get Cabin service retrieves a list of available cabins for a given voyage id, fare code(s), and category code. Other cabin-related details include guest occupancy restrictions, deck name, bedding and bath configuration, connected cabins, and more.

  • The Cabin Hold service reserves an available cabin. Upon success, the cabin gets blocked for that user for a stipulated amount of time, which is governed by the cruise line. The cabin is no longer available for any other users to shop or book. If a booking for the held cabin is not created within the stipulated time period, the cruise line will release the cabin back into inventory, which then can be booked by any other user/agent/agency.

  • Use the Cabin Release service if you wish to release a held cabin back into the cruise line's inventory.

  • The Dining service retrieves a list of dining options, along with other related information, like dining table configurations, dine time, and more, for a given cruise.

Note: All services above operate in real-time by connecting directly to the cruise line.

How to use

The Cruise Facility API includes four endpoints. Each endpoint has a specific use case:

Use Case 1:

Get a list of cabins for a sailing. POST HTTP/1.1

Use Case 2:

Hold a specific cabin. POST HTTP/1.1

Use Case 3:

Release a cabin. POST HTTP/1.1

Use Case 4:

Get a list of dining options categories for a sailing. POST HTTP/1.1