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CKI Baggage Update

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What is it?

The Baggage Update API modifies baggage details such as baggage type, weight and bag status (active and inactive) for already issued bags. This API also supports update baggage through biometric and linking a valid baggage ancillary to an already issued bag.

Why use it?

Bag tags issued either virtually or in physical form may require modifications to their baggage details, such as their weight or bag type. Additionally, with the industry moving towards a self-service baggage drop off model, there is a need to support baggage issuing from remote locations. Such bags are generally issued as “inactive bags”, and must be activated so they are loaded into the baggage handling system.

How it works

The basic information required in the request is the itinerary details and one of the following elements that helps to identify each passenger.

  • passengerId
  • pnrLoc, with nameAssociationID
  • seatNumber
  • sequenceNumber
  • uniquePassengerId

Each bagTagList per passenger in the request should contain information relevant to the bags that are meant to be modified. It can contain one, several or all of the below options.

  • Activate/Inactivate a bag tag
  • Modify bag weight
  • Associate a baggage's Air Extras (AE) to a bag that is already issued
  • Add a bag type, a reason code or modify the reason code for an existing bag type

How to use

Using the Baggage Update API allows you to update the baggage of multiple passengers. To do this, you need to provide flight information along with passenger details such as the passenger's last name, passenger ID or their Passenger Name Record (PNR) or seat number or unique passenger id which nothing but a combination of Passenger Name Record (PNR) and passenger's check-in sequence number along with any relevant baggage information that you want to update like baggage weight, bag type, AE code, bag status and more.