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CKI Baggage Reprint

Airline Carrier

What is it?

The CKI Baggage Reprint API is used for reprinting a baggage tag for the bags that are already issued. The baggage tag is printed on the dedicated baggage tag printer. The services also support returning baggage tag details as a data feed for the consumer to build baggage tags.

Why use it?

There are situations in an Airport ecosystem to reprint bag tags that were previously issued. A few of the reasons could be as follows-

  • Previous tag was damaged or not printed correctly.
  • Virtually issued without physical printing.
  • The received bags are damaged or
  • Excess in weight that will need a modification to the bag details.

Thus, demanding it to be reprinted to reflect accurate information on the bag tag and internal bag records of the passenger.

How it works

´╗┐The request for reprint should contain the itinerary details, passengerId and bag tag parameters. The bag tag pertinent details that can be requested for reprint are as here under.

  • Bag tag reprint options.

    • All bag tags
    • Range of bag tags
    • List of bag tags
  • printingOption (BagTagData or ZplBagTagData) when present in the request, will generate bag tag construction data in the response based on the print option type .

Requestor can build custom bag tags using this information present in the response. A host bag tag printer assignment will not be needed for this purpose.

How to use

The client needs to provide all the mandatory data to reprint the bag tags which are already issued.

Below parameter is required to execute BaggageReprint service

  • Flight information like airline code, flight number, departure city code, and flight departure date.
  • Unique passenger id.
  • All bagtag should be if the client wants to reprint all the bag tags once again.
  • Client also can specify the bag tags numbers to be reprinted.
  • This service has provision to reprint consecutive bag tag range.
  • Print option like bagTagData or zplBagTagData.