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CKI Baggage Cancel

Airline Carrier

What is it?

The Baggage Cancel API is used to cancel checked-in bags issued either as automated on-demand bags or manual bags. This API allows agents to offload a bag, or bags, belonging to a passenger or a set of passengers from the same or different PNR.

Why use it?

Baggage that isn't recieved will need to be cancelled in the check-in system. Since bag weight is housed in the check-in system and is consumed by adject airport systems, the Baggage Cancel API assists in keeping the count of bags accurate in these check-in system(s).

There are also situations where bags will have to be cancelled after bag tags were previously issued (either virtually or physically). For example, the bags were not dropped off properly, were withdrawn by the passenger, or were not received from an inbound flight.

How it works

* Cancels on demand or manual bag tags

  • PassengerId and the baggage cancel information for the given flight are the minimum parameters required to make a successful request
  • Cancels bag tags (up to nine passengers and ten tags per passenger) in a single call
  • Caters to individual, total bag weight, and piece only carriers
  • Cancels bags from connecting flights in the same host or interline through check-in (IATCI) bags

Note: If the passenger was through checked-in previously, interline through check-in (IATCI) updates are sent to the downline carrier’s host to update the cancellation of the bags.

How to use

Provide the details below in the Baggage Cancel request to cancel manual or automated on-demand checked-in bags:

  • Flight itenary details:
    • Airline code
    • Flight number
    • Departure airport code
    • Departure date
  • Passenger list (in case of multiple passengers)
    • Passenger ID
    • Bag tag numbers (6 or 10 digit) with baggage weight