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Travel Bank Statement API

Airline Carrier
Travel Agency

What is it?

The Travel Bank statement APIs provide a list of transactions for a given travel bank account over a set period of time. The statement has the following data : -

  • Any tickets that used travel bank as the full or partial payment.
  • Refunds that went to the TB account.
  • Any other service credits in the account.

There are two APIs : -

  1. ListOfTransactions : This API provides a general list of all transactions for a given period of time.
  2. TransactionDetails : This API provides details for the selected transaction.

Why use it?

The Travel Bank Statement API is used to have historical details of credit and debit transactions for a given travel bank account and given transaction ID for better transparency and accountability.

  • Travelers can keep track of their travel bank funds and their usage.
  • Travelers can also identify any fraudulent activities in their TB account.

How it works

The main steps executed by the API in order to serve list of transactions are as follows -

  1. Travel bank relies on the caller to authenticate the traveler genuinity. 2SG checks whether the relevant keywords are added for the SSO.
  2. Travel bank checks the account number and requested date range (Start and end date).
  3. Travel bank checks on the number of items to be responded back in one go.
  4. Travel Bank lists all the transactions for a given date range.
  5. Travel bank responds back all the transactions with unique transaction ID for requested number of items and given period of time.

How to use

The API consumers must have the TravelBankMiniStatement keyword to use this service. To ensure a successful response, the request should contain below mandatory attributes as follows -

  1. accountNumber (A valid 16 digit travel bank account number).
  2. startDate (A valid start date in YYYY-MM-DD format).
  3. endDate (A valid end date in YYYY-MM-DD format).
  4. transactionsRange (The start and end index for transactions to be responded back and it starts from 1 and both start and end index is included in the response).
  5. airlineAccountingCode (The three-digit numeric code assigned to the airline for accounting purposes).