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Theme Airport Lookup

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What is it?

A theme is defined as a genre or a category of travel based on geography, point of interest, or recreational activity. For example: beaches, national parks, or skiing. Sabre® creates and maintains the file of themes with airports in the Sabre cache. All of the airport codes that this API retrieves are available as destinations in our list of city pairs.

Note: This API requires activation and Sabre Dev Studio/Travel Insight Engine Amendment to be signed. Please contact your Sabre Account Representative for assistance.

How to use

Airport codes

Airports at Cities Lookup API

The Theme Airport Lookup API returns airport and multi-airport city (MAC) codes that are associated with a theme.

To identify the airports associated with a multi-airport city (MAC) code, use the Airports at Cities Lookup API and pass one of the MACs in the request. The Airports at Cities Lookup API retrieves our list of major airport, rail station and other codes that are associated with a single multi-airport city (MAC) code in the request.

City Pairs Lookup API

To get a list of our supported city pairs of origin and destination airports, use the City Pairs Lookup API. You can pass any of these origin and destination airport codes in a request.

Destination Finder API

The Destination Finder API retrieves a then current nonstop lead fare and an overall lead fare available to destinations from a specific origin on round-trip travel dates from the Sabre© cache.

Travel Theme Lookup API

To get a list of valid themes, use the Travel Theme Lookup API. The response will be a list of themes, such as BEACH, GAMBLING.