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Multi-Airport City Lookup

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What is it?

The response contains multi-airport cities located in the requested country(s), sorted by city name, in ascending rank order. If no country is specified, then all MAC codes and cities are returned. An example multi-airport city code is CHI, and the corresponding city name is Chicago. Note: Some city codes represent a metropolitan area that contains more than one major city. For example, the MAC code "QDF" represents Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas. In this case, the city name is "Dallas / Ft. Worth".

Sabre® defines the data returned by the Multi-Airport City Lookup and Airports at Cities Lookup (or MAC) supplemental APIs, including the unique MAC codes, the corresponding city names, and the mapping of the major airports to each city. More airports may exist in a metropolitan city than are mapped to that city's MAC code, since we only mapped airports supported by our REST APIs. You could use this API in an Airports at Cities Lookup API request to retrieve airport codes associated with the MAC code. Some of our REST APIs also accept MAC codes, in addition to airport codes, as an origin and/or destination parameter.

Note: This API requires activation and Sabre Dev Studio/Travel Insight Engine Amendment to be signed. Please contact your Sabre Account Representative for assistance.

How to use

Country and airport codes

Airports at Cities Lookup API

To identify the airports associated with a multi-airport city (MAC) code, use the Airports at Cities Lookup API and pass one of the MACs in the request. The Airports at Cities Lookup API retrieves our list of major airport, rail station and other codes that are associated with a single multi-airport city (MAC) code in the request.

For example, when you specify country=US, the Multi-Airport City Lookup API returns NYC (New York City). Call the Airports at Cities Lookup API to get the associated airport codes, i.e., JFK, LGA, and EWR.