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Get Rbd For Cabin

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What is it?

For finding out RBD codes we should provide next mandatory fields in the request: id, carrier, origin, destination, departure date, flight number and cabin. Cabin parameter means that you can pass one cabin or couple cabins (up to 6) or you can pass parameter "allCabins" and get RBD codes for all 6 cabins. And we have some optional parameters in request: equipment and processing date. If processing date is not provided - the assumption will be current date. If you need additional information for understanding matching in details you can set debugMode parameter to true. You will get in response list of RBD codes with processing date.

Why use it?

You can use this service to check Reservation Booking Designator (RBD) codes for specified cabin/origin/destination/departure date/processing date/flight number.

How it works

This API returns RBD codes for given cabins (one or more, max 6) for a specified flight. This is accomplished by providing either ID, carrier, origin, destination, departure date, flight number, or cabin information in the call. The response will return the applicable RBD code for the specified parameter.

How to use

To make a successful call using this API, specify the carrier (required), ATPCO cabins (as a list of cabins), or the allCabin param for all 6 cabins, origin (required), destination (required), flightNumber (required), and departureDate (required) of the travel segment as a string. The processingDate and equipmentType parameters are optional.

If the optional processing date is not provided, the API will default to the current date. For additional information, set the debugMode parameter to true. In the response, you'll receive a list of RBD codes with the processing date.


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