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Destinations by Carrier

Travel Agency

What is it?

In detail: the API returns the associated destination airport and airline flight schedule information for a given origin, airline and departure date. Optional search preferences are available to retrieve destination information specific to a departure/arrival type, e.g., domestic.

You could use this API to feature airline-specific destinations from a given origin. For example, if the traveler is flying from DFW (Dallas Fort Worth International Airport) to LHR (London Heathrow International Airport) with AA (American Airlines) and they want to change the ticket to fly to a different destination, you can use this API to display only AA destinations and schedules.

You could also use this API as a foundation to design marketing campaigns which promote destinations for a given airline/origin. For example, you could feature destinations for DL (Delta) from DFW (Dallas Fort Worth International Airport).

How to use

Usage notes

Airline Lookup API

To return the airline name associated with a specified IATA airline code, call the Airline Lookup API.