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What is it?

The Agency Manager CreateAgent API allows the General Sales Agent (GSA) admin to enroll a new agent to their business from the Digital Connect Platform Workspace (DCPW) point of sale.

An inactive GSA Employee Profile Record (EPR) is created at the end of the process with the necessary allocated booking and ticketing capabilities.

Why use it?

This API allows agency admins to:

  • enroll 3rd party travel agency agents for their business in airline partition
  • review the list of agents added
  • control the number of agents enrolled for an agency
  • create EPRs based on targeted Office Accounting Codes(OAC)
  • automate the ability to do various booking and ticketing functionalities
  • introduce error handling to ensure successful creation of agent EPR
  • eliminate the need of manual creation of agent EPRs.

How it works

The process of Employee Profile Record creation:

  1. Agency manager extracts agency admin information like EPR ID, OAC, IATA station number from session binary security token.
  2. Agency manager maintains agency admin and agent relationship.
  3. Create Agent API executes the following series of host commands using Sabre Web Services to create the EPR:
    • Signs into airlines partition (host) using Proxy Functional EPR.
    • Enters into EPR create mode.
    • Adds generic details like name, temporary passcode, OAC details.
    • Adds required keywords, duty codes and authorization text.
    • Adds agent sign.
    • Inactive EPR gets created in host after all the above details are added successfully.
    • API signs out of the airline partition.

How to use

Agency admin must have the verify keyword to use this API.

  1. To ensure the successful enrollment of a new agent, admin EPR must contain below information:

    a. IATA station number
    b. OAC city code and OAC Accounting Code
    c. Home city and airline code

  2. To ensure the successful enrollment of a new agent, the request should contain below agent information:
    a. Agent name details:

      i. agentTitle
     ii. agentFirstName
    iii. agentLastName

    b. Agent contact details:

      i. agentEmailAddress
     ii. agentPhoneNumber

    c. Agent address details:

      i. agentAddressLine1
     ii. agentAddressLine2
    iii. city
     iv. country
      v. state
     vi. pincode

    d. Unique number to track the request:

      i. trackingID