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What is it?

These countries can be used as a filter in applicable REST APIs. This API is point of sale specific (each point of sale supports a unique list of origin and destination countries). Sabre® creates and maintains in the Sabre cache the lists of countries to which supported origin and/or destination airports belong.

Note: This API requires activation and Sabre Dev Studio/Travel Insight Engine Amendment to be signed. Please contact your Sabre Account Representative for assistance.

How to use

Country and airport codes

Point of sale

The point of sale is the geographic location in which the fare itinerary is eligible to be ticketed. The default point of sale (US) can be overridden with any supported point of sale country specified in the pointofsalecountry parameter. For example, the following will retrieve data specific to the Germany (DE) point of sale: pointofsalecountry=DE.