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What is it?

In detail: the API uses the Travel Insight engine to retrieve shopped fare data for the next 192 days from the API request to find the lowest published fares available in the Sabre® cache for a given destination. In total, each request returns the 20 lowest published fares: a nonstop lead fare or overall lead fare per origin for a given destination. For example, if "DFW" (Dallas/Fort Worth International) is used as destination, then the 20 lowest published fares to "DFW" (from any available origin) will be returned.

Note: This API requires activation and Sabre Dev Studio/Travel Insight Engine Amendment to be signed. Please contact your Sabre Account Representative for assistance.

Why use it?

You could use this API to compile a list of the 20 least expensive flight options to a popular destination, such as New York City. To search for fares to New York City, use the multi-airport city (MAC) code "NYC" for destination. From this list, customers can choose a desired origin. Then the application could use the shop link in the response to make a subsequent request to call the InstaFlights Search API. The response will be a list of the lowest published fares for the selected city pair.

How it works

Data used by Flights To API

  • The in-scope shopping responses used by Sabre to generate the lead fares for this API are the shopping responses to shopping requests from a PCC operated by Sabre.
  • All fares are for single adult, who is traveling one-way or roundtrip in the economy class of service.
  • Total fares: All taxes and fees are included; however, ancillary fees charged by airlines, such as baggage and preferred seating, are not included.
  • Flight types: nonstop, connecting, and flights with stops
  • Origin: major airports and multi-airport cities throughout the world that we support
  • Destination: major airports throughout the world that we support
  • Advance fares: A maximum of 192 days

How to use

Country and airport codes

Point of sale

The point of sale is the geographic location in which the fare itinerary is eligible to be ticketed. The default point of sale (US) can be overridden with any supported point of sale country specified in the pointofsalecountry parameter. For example, the following will retrieve fare data specific to the Germany (DE) point of sale: pointofsalecountry=DE. The response will be fares eligible for sale in Germany.

InstaFlights Search API

The InstaFlights Search API retrieves one-way/roundtrip flight itineraries with published fares and fare breakdowns available from the Sabre® cache for a certain origin, destination, and one-way/roundtrip travel dates.