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FareNabber API

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What is it?

The Fare Nabber API is a new common air shopping service that allows customers to place an order and receive a notification for an itinerary matching certain attributes based on a profile of preferences pre-selected by the customer.

*Note: This API service requires activation, and contacting your Sabre Account Representative for assistance.

Why use it?

Fares and availability tend to change frequently and many times consumers miss out on opportunities because they cannot constantly be searching for fares. The FareNabber service aims to increase the ease of shopping for air by storing an Air Shopping subscription and notifying a consumer immediately when an option matching their search criteria is available.

FareNabber application relieves its users from actively issuing shopping requests in search for solutions not exceeding their budget. Instead, all they need to do is wait for notifications in order to book as per their preferences.

How it works

The service monitors available fares and itineraries and looks for a match between the preferences and the placed FareNabber order.

Once the search criteria is met, FareNabber nabs the itinerary options and pushes the results to the user for a purchase decision.

How to use

The FareNabber service can be accessed directly via JSON messaging.

  1. The first step for a service consumer is to subscribe for a notification about bargains occurring on specified market and being within given budget. Resulting notification will contain details about flights and fares that satisfy customers preferences. Once the subscription request is successfully processed by the service, a response will be sent to the subscriber containing a subscription id.

POST ​/v1.0/AirShopping/FareNabberSubscriptions

  1. The Next request retrieves subscription details that match specific search criteria.

GET​ /v1.0/AirShopping/FareNabberSubscriptions{id}

  1. the next request allows subscription updates and modifications by providing new details to match specific search criteria.

PUT ​​/v1.0​/AirShopping​/FareNabberSubscriptions{id}

  1. The Lat request allowes to delete subscription by its hash id.

DELETE ​/v1.0​/AirShopping​/FareNabberSubscriptions{id}