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What is it?

Your search for the best airfare starts and ends here. Bargain Finder Max Alternate Airport computes a vast array of airline schedules and fares across multiple dates to derive the best itinerary offers in seconds. Bargain Finder Max Alternate Airport enables search for up to a 20x20 matrix of departure and arrival airport combinations.

Note: This service requires activation. Contact your Sabre Account Representative for assistance. Air Shopping is the science of computing a vast array of airline schedules and fares to derive best itinerary options.

Why use it?

  • Multiply your options
    Checking nearby airports can often yield very different prices. Compare and provide the best offers based on any alternate departure or arrival airports

  • Instant Results
    Business or pleasure, find the best options in seconds

  • Precisely Tailored
    Customize shopping and tailor results for the most relevant and best fares based on itinerary preferences, diversity controls, and more

  • Increase Conversion
    Build greater customer value, leading to increased bookings and higher revenues

How it works

Bargain Finder Max Alternate Airport, an API with a unique approach of combining fare-led and schedule-led algorithms, delivers the most relevant offers and solutions personalized to your travelers' needs. With features like highly customizable search criteria designed to tailor specific results to all of your business' or traveler requirements, Bargain Finder Max Alternate Airport provides your travelers with what they want most; smart travel options.


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