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Corporate Travel Services

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What is it?

Powered by the Sabre Platform, Corporate Travel Services allow you to deploy a travel-policy driven shopping and booking experience. Combined with intelligent retailing and travel provider preferencing, across both mobile and desktop experiences, it's a traveler-oriented set of services with a wealth of available options.

Why use it?

Sabre is the world's largest provider of airline and hotel technology, developing cutting-edge solutions for the nearly US$8 trillion travel industry.

  • Sabre's Corporate Travel Services (CTS) uses RESTful APIs/JSON because it's a modern, elegant technology that is widely supported on both frontend and backend tech stacks.
  • CTS makes your life easier by managing policy and preferences so you can focus on what you do best - creating a traveler-oriented, finely tailored experience for your audience.
All In One
  • By using CTS, you will gain access to a multitude of options, all in one place, that will allow you to manage and tune the shopping and booking experience of your travelers.

How it works


The Catalog service is used for Shopping functions. Catalog pairs with your application's UI to generate a shopping list of flight options available to the traveler based on search criteria.


The Cart service collects the objects to be included in a booking and provides information to be used by the client to prepare for the booking action.


The Booking service creates a Passenger Name Record (PNR) with the traveler's information and itinerary/cart contents. Use Booking to create a booked itinerary and display a confirmation screen with the PNR.


The Site API supports advanced site management functions, automating site creation and configuration. For more information on sites, refer to Sabre's GetThere site.


The GET bookingRules service provides a way to obtain cancel-related details about a booking before it is cancelled with PATCH bookings.


The Traveler service retrieves the traveler's personal information, stored payment card, and corporate travel information (travel justification, for example).

In addition, the Traveler Booking endpoint returns a list of all trips booked by or for a given traveler. These include bookings made in the GetThere online booking tool, offline bookings acquired by the traveler in GetThere, or bookings made through a client application using the Corporate Travel Services APIs.


The Fare Rules service retrieves eligibility requirements and travel restrictions for a flight based on the traveler's Catalog selections.

Refer to the Travel Policy Guide to see how violations to FareRules are returned in the /catalogs/{id} response.


Branded Fares provide a way for airlines to package their products in new and unique ways to extract greater value from their offerings, while providing options to travelers seeking different combinations of features and benefits rather than just looking for the lowest fare.

The FareBrand API lets you retrieve the name of the branded fare (set by the supplier), and a list of attributes (services) associated with the fare, or a URL (linked to the supplier's website) containing details of the branded fare.


The Deployment service provides an easy way to check the status of and obtain information about the Corporate Travel API. The service lists the environment, version, build date, and endpoints of all active resources.

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Seat Map

The SeatMap service provides information about all the seats in a cabin for most flights (except Air Connect flights). A GET SeatMap request is sent using the seatMapId from a GET Catalog response. Seats with fees are identified for supported airlines. Selected seats can be added with a PATCH Cart request for subsequent inclusion in a POST Booking request.

For sites with the Air Extra feature enabled (only available when Sabre is the GDS), information about premium seats on supported airlines is included in the GET SeatMap response, using the traveler’s frequent flyer information from their traveler profile to determine eligibility and price. These premium seats can be reserved by including an allowable form of Air Extra payment in the POST Booking request. Air Extra payment details are provided in the GET Cart response.