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NDC Distribution Reshop Cancel Order

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What is it?

The New Distribution Capability (NDC) Distribution Reshop Cancel Order API is used to return information about the void or refund eligibility for a specified order.

Why use it?

NDC Distribution Reshop Cancel Order provides information about whether the fulfilment documents (tickets\EMDs) are in the void or refund period and if any penalty fees apply for cancellation of an NDC order.

Note: The actual void/refund is accomplished by using the Order Management APIs.

The two possible workflows that this API (highlighted in bold) is part of are:

Shop -> Price -> Book -> Pay -> Check cancellation options -> Cancel within the void period
Shop -> Price -> Book -> Pay -> Check cancellation options -> Cancel outside of the void period (refund)

Taking a closer look, this entails the following steps:

  1. The agent requests information about cancellation of the NDC order by using the reshop/cancelOrder API.
  2. The system sends the request to the airline to determine void or refund eligibility and any penalty fees.
  3. The airline responds by confirming if the ticket is either:
    • in the void period and can be voided without any fees
    • outside of the void period; specific fees may apply when refunding the ticket and returning funds
  4. The agent then has the option to further proceed with the cancellation of the itinerary by using the Order Management APIs.
  5. If the agent continues with the cancellation, the carrier cancels the order and voids or refunds the ticket.
  6. The system updates the order, removing the NDC flight segments and updating the PNR.

How it works


  • This method is mandatory prior to cancelling a fulfilled order.
  • This method is used prior to the Orders/Cancel request within the Order Management APIs.
  • This method requires a Sabre Order ID.
  • If the airline does not support the void/refund flow an appropriate error message will be displayed.


This API performs several steps to determine if a ticket may be voided or if it's outside the void period. These conditions (possibility, amounts, penalties) are based on the refund value and any penalties/differentials for an existing ticket within an NDC order.

First, provide an orderId in a cancelOrder request body:

  1. Authorize using your Sabre credentials.
  2. Pass an existing Sabre Order ID in the request.

The API will then follow the steps below to return information on whether the given order is still in a void period (can be canceled without any penalty), or is refundable:

  1. Retrieves order data.
  2. Validates if the cancelOrder request is valid based on carrier configuration.
  3. Builds and sends a request to the airline via IATA's NDC Order/Reshop API to obtain void/refund offers.
  4. Creates and stores offers based on the response from IATA's NDC Order/Reshop API. The airline response includes offers that are written to the Sabre Offer Store. The offer has a time to live that is returned in the response (offer expiration date/time).
  5. Builds and sends an orderCancel response to the customer with information (void/refund cancellation mode, amounts, penalties) calculated against items that the order contains.

If the agent decides to continue with the cancellation, then the offer item ID(s) must be included in the request to the Orders/Cancel endpoint using Sabre's Order Management APIs to finalize the process.

How to use

Send a request to the /v1/offers/reshop/cancelOrder endpoint containing a valid orderId:

    "request": {
        "orderId": "1SXXXC0ZS1YSD"

NDC Distribution Reshop Cancel Order will return the conditions (possibility, amounts, penalties) for voiding or the refunding an order/ticket, and if the action can be carried out.

If a void or refund is confirmed, the Order Management API's Orders/Cancel method can be used to cancel an entire order.

Note: Refer to the OpenAPI Specification in the Reference Documentation tab for detailed information about request & response schemas, attributes, examples, errors, and more.