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Reprice Order - NDC

Travel Agency

What is it?

The Reprice Order API is used to reprice an unfulfilled order (Order created after offer price). It is available to agencies consuming Sabre’s Offer and Order APIs.

Why use it?

Agents may use the Reprice Order API

  • to obtain updated pricing information for an order.
  • to obtain updated pricing information for an order when the price guarantee time limit has expired.

The response contains either a new offer or an indication of no change in price.

To accept the new offer and update the order with the new pricing, use the Order Management API (/orders/change).

The Reprice Order API API is part of the following workflow:

Shop -> Price -> Book -> Reprice -> Pay -> View Order

How it works

The Reprice Order API applies only to unfulfilled Orders (Order created after offer price and is unfulfilled), otherwise an error returns. It does not reprice ancillaries or seats.


  • It requires a Sabre Order ID.
  • It should be used prior to the Orders/Change request within the Order Management APIs.


Provide an orderId in the repriceOrder request body:

  1. Authorize using your Sabre credentials.
  2. Pass an existing Sabre Order ID in the request.

The API will then follow these steps and provide information if the price has changed or not:

  1. Retrieves the order data.
  2. Validates if the repriceOrder request based on carrier configuration.
  3. Builds and sends a request to the airline via IATA's NDC Order/Reshop API to obtain price information.


  • If the Order price has not changed, the response will include an indicator/flag to advise that the price is same.
  • If the Order price has changed, the response will include an indicator/flag to advise that the price is different.
  • If the agent tries to issue a ticket after the Price Guarantee has expired, the response will include an indicator/flag to advise if the price is different.
  • In any case, the agent can accept or cancel the order.
  1. Once the agent accepts the offer, use the Orders/Change API to update the Order with the new price, payment time limit, order item id, etc. returned by the carrier.

How to use

Send a request to the /v1/offers/repriceOrder endpoint containing a valid orderId:

    "request": {
        "orderId": "1SXXXC0ZS1YSD"

The Reprice Order API will provide a new offer, at a new price or the same price.

Once the offer is returned, the Order Management API's Orders/Change method may be used to update the original Order.

Note: For more information on request and response schemas, attributes, examples, errors, etc. refer to the OpenAPI Specification in the Reference Documentation tab.