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What is it?

Offer pricing is the second step in the travel booking process, coming after air shopping. The OfferPrice API allows you to obtain the price for offers selected in the shopping phase and to create a new priced offer. The price returned in the shopping response is not guaranteed until an offer has been created in the OfferPrice response.

The priced offer is a final one, and it is required to create an order.

Why use it?

  • Creates a single, unbreakable, quoted offer ready to be processed by the OrderCreate API for the needs of order creation.

  • Ensures that the flight, fare, and brand details provided in the offer are valid and granted to the traveler.

How it works

To price an offer, the OfferPrice API completes the following steps:

  1. Retrieves the content of a shop offer created by an airline.

  2. Sends the shop offer content to a downline system to verify fare availability and combinability.

  3. Creates a priced offer with the price guaranteed to the traveler that can be used to create an order.

How to use

A request to the OfferPrice API must contain shop offer item(s) selected for pricing.

The example below shows how a regular pricing request is built. The required elements to include are DistributionChainLink, OfferItemRefID, OwnerCode, and SelectedOfferItem.


For more information, please refer to the OfferPrice User Guide available under the Help tab.