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Agency Managed Commission Calculator™

Travel Agency

What is it?

The Agency Managed Commission Calculator™ is a standalone service that calculates the commission as managed by agency for shopping offers and pricing solutions. It allows customers using external systems for pricing and shopping to get commission amount calculated by Sabre and the ticketing instructions required at ticketing to qualify for the collected commission. The ticketing is the responsibility of the agency. Customers must have the Agency Managed Commission product to use the Agency Managed Commission Calculator™ API.

Note: This API service requires activation. Please contact your Sabre Account Representative for assistance.

Why use it?

Enables you to obtain and utilize commission data for non-Sabre bookings.

This service allows customers who may use external systems for pricing and shopping to have the commission amount calculated by Sabre.

How it works

Authenticated users can map ticket and segment data, obtained from any source, to a JSON interface, and have the commission processed using the AMC Calculator.

How to use

The AMC Calculator service can be accessed directly via JSON messaging.

Map your ticket and segment data from any source to a JSON request. Once the request is successfully processed by the service, a response containing commission information is sent back. The AMC Calculator handles incoming data and then returns commission details.