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Deprecated API

This version of the API is no longer supported. Please use v2 instead.

What is it?

The Get Seats API displays flight seat maps, information about seat availability, and pricing, all in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard format. This API provides content in certain flows, as outlined below:

  • NDC content in a stateless flow
  • ATPCO content in a payload flow
  • Low Cost Carrier (LCC) content in a payload flow

Note: The API is REST-like and JSON-based, but is not a fully RESTful API in its architecture.

Why use it?

Use this service to display seat map details, such as actual seat locations (defined by row and column numbers), seat prices (defined by a standard set of characteristics), and information about non-chargeable seats.

How it works

  • For NDC content, the Get Seats method connects to external seat map providers (United Airlines (UA), Qantas Airways (QF) or American Airlines (AA)).
    • There is one OfferID given per SeatAvailability response, which can contain multiple seat maps.
    • There is one OfferItemID given for individual seat prices and the set of seat characteristics.
  • For ATPCO content, the Get Seats method connects to the ATPCO database and processes content in accordance with ATPCO standards.
  • For Low Cost Carrier (LCC) content, the Get Seats method connects to Low Cost systems.
  • Seat attributes obtained from all data sources follow standard seat characteristics, as defined in the Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards (PADIS) code set.

How to use

Follow one of the flows to obtain NDC, ATPCO, or LCC content:


Display a seat map for NDC content:

Prerequisites: Create and save an NDC Order using the Order Management API.

Create a Get Seats Order ID request to display the seat map information for the order. The response will display seat maps for all order segments associated with the order.


  • To further book and fulfill a seat, use the Change Order method (/orders/change) of the Order Management API.
  • Caution! In the first version release of the Get Seats API stateful flow, selecting a segment will not be available.


Display a seat map for either an ATPCO carrier or for a Low Cost Carrier (LCC):

Prerequisites: None.

Create a Get Seats Payload request by providing all required information, such as PCC (party/PCC), paxSegmentRefIds (indicates segment for which map is requested), originDest and paxes. Include non-required information such as passenger type code, fare details, or Frequent Flyer data whenever available.

Note: To book a seat, use the PassengerDetails API or 4G command.