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Get Ancillaries

Travel Agency

What is it?

The Get Ancillaries API allows you to display a list of special services, both free and chargeable, that are available to request for a particular offer or order.


  • Get Ancillaries is REST-like and JSON-based but is not fully RESTful in its architecture.
  • This API supports both ATK and ATH session tokens.
  • Unlike the Get Seats API, offer IDs are not supported as an input parameter.

Why use it?

  • Retrieves information about non-chargeable ancillaries, such as wheelchairs, accessibility services, and meals.
  • Provides details of chargeable services offered by the carrier, including checked bags and carbon offsets.

How it works

The Get Ancillaries API executes the following steps to return information about ancillary services available for a particular order:

  1. Retrieves the order using the orderID provided in the request.
  2. Calls an internal database to obtain details of non-chargeable services.
  3. Calls a downline service to receive external ancillaries from the carrier.
  4. Displays an integrated response with ancillaries from both the internal database and the carrier.

Important! Some ancillary services are inventory-controlled and therefore subject to availability.

How to use


To use this API, you must provide a valid authentication token. Tokens can be generated in two ways:

  • Using the Create Access Token API for scenarios with a stateless token (ATK). Once you obtain a successful response from the API (TokenCreateRS), locate the BinarySecurityToken element, which contains an ATK token.
  • Using the Create Session service for scenarios with a stateful token (ATH). The response from this session generation service (SessionCreateRS) also contains the BinarySecurityToken element with an authorization token.

Once your token has been generated, add its value to your request to the Get Ancillaries API.

Request ancillaries available for an order

To receive a list of ancillaries bookable for your order, follow the steps below:

  1. Create and save an NDC order using the Order Management API.
  2. Send a POST request to the Get Ancillaries API providing your NDC orderId.
  3. Obtain a response displaying all ancillaries available for the segments associated with the provided orderId.