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Exchange Booking

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What is it?

The Exchange Booking API is used to update the itinerary and create a single, or multiple, Price Quote Reissue (PQR) record(s) for a ticket exchange in a single API call.

Why use it?

You can use this API to:

  • Update the itinerary and create a single, or multiple, Price Quote Reissue (PQR) record(s) for a ticket exchange.
  • Specify a price tolerance threshold for the Automated Exchanges Comparison response.
  • Return details of the generated PQR record/s.
  • Manage sessions on behalf of the client's application.
  • Successfully issue a PQR with extensive error handling.

How it works

The Exchange Booking API performs several steps to issue a Price Quote Reissue Record (PQR):

  • Performs an “ignore transaction” call to ensure that the work area is clear.
  • Retrieves the existing reservation using a record locator provided within the payload.
  • Cancels specified PNR air segments and books new segments.
  • Performs automated exchange comparison and confirmation calls.
  • Commits the newly generated PQR into the PNR. Depending on the input, the API can retrieve PQR details and/or retrieve full reservation details.

How to use

How to generate a Price Quote Reissue Record using Exchange Booking API

  1. A single PQR is generated by sending a single instance of /ExchangeBookingRQ/AutomatedExchanges.

    • The user can choose to issue multiple PQR's in a single transaction by sending multiple AutomatedExchanges requests.
  2. Depending on the user's choices, the API will:

  • Cancel specific air segments (/ExchangeBookingRQ/Cancel)
  • Add new segments to the reservation (/ExchangeBookingRQ/AirBook)
  • Keep specific segments unchanged (/ExchangeBookingRQ/Itinerary/SegmentPricing)
  1. The API then automatically selects segments to pass onto the Automated Exchanges comparison step based on user input, it won't take the whole itinerary into account automatically. The service response will contain the generated PQR number as a default: (/ExchangeBookingRS/ExchangeConfirmation/@PQR_Number)

  2. Depending on the choice, the service response may include full PQR details: (/ExchangeBookingRQ/PostProcessing/@returnPQRInfo=”true”) or full reservation details (/ExchangeBookingRQ/PostProcessing/@redisplayReservation=”true”)