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EMD-ETKT Coupons Association

Airline Carrier
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What is it?

EMD-ETKT Coupons Association is an API to update fulfillment documents like EMD, ETKT etc. It associates EMD coupon(s) to ETKT coupon(s), and Disassociate EMD coupon(s) from ETKT coupon(s).

Why use it?

The EMD-ETKT Coupons Association web service will be used to update the association between ETKT coupon and EMD coupon. This web service replaces a green screen entry.

How it works

This web service may be used if the VCR and EMD databases are not in sync.

  • The carrier code on the EMD coupon must match the carrier code on the VCR coupon.
  • Coupon status must be: OK, (CKIN) Check-In, (LFTD) Lifted, or (CTRL) Control.
  • Board / Off Points (including multi-airport cities) must be the same.
  • The name in the EMD must match the name in the VCR
  • When an EMD is manually associated to a VCR/PNR, the new PNR record locator is automatically updated on both the VCR and EMD.
  • One EMD coupon must be associated to one VCR coupon, so the number of EMD coupons in the entry must equal the number of VCR coupons.

How to use


  • Association is the relationship between the EMD-A and the VCR flight coupon. An indicator will reflect that an EMD coupon is associated to, or disassociated from a VCR coupon. When the EMD is associated, automatic updates of the VCR are reflected in the EMD coupon.
  • Disassociation is the internal disconnection between the EMD/coupon from the VCR/coupon. The disassociation will happen automatically when the EMD/coupon status changes to a final status or the VCR/coupon changes to a final status. The only exception is when the flight is closed and the documents will change to a final “USED” status.

An EMD is automatically disassociated from a VCR in the following situations:

  • Exchange of VCR or EMD.
  • Void of VCR or EMD.
  • Refund of VCR or EMD.

A manual disassociation of the EMD from the VCR would need to be done if there was a system error while processing an exchange or refund and the documents were not automatically disassociated.