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Deprecated API

This API will be decommissioned soon

Important! This API is a BETA REST/JSON version of Sabre’s SOAP/XML EnhancedSeatMapRQ API, with no support currently provided for it. To integrate with Sabre’s official REST/JSON Seat Map API, refer to the Get Seats API.

What is it?

Information returned in the Seat Map API response contains the seat map data and the exact prices for each paid seat, in addition to a seat map banner. Seat map data includes specific seats characteristics (e.g. aisle, window), cabin facilities description (e.g. bar), as well as a list of available amenities (e.g. pillow). If chargeable seats are present in the aircraft, specific seat prices are included in the response. Depending on the seat prices found in the seat map data, the seat map banner will include either one standard price for all paid seats, two prices (standard and premium), or a price range (if there are more than 2 seat prices in the aircraft). Each seat that is marked as chargeable on the seat map should have a price. In the event that the price cannot be determined for a seat that is marked as chargeable, the seat will be flagged as "General Restricted" on the map to prevent users from requesting the seat for free.

Point of sale

  • Results are based on U.S. point of sale only, regardless of whether the point of sale is associated with your authentication credentials. To obtain results in a currency other than the default currency (USD), specify a currency code within the request.