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Create Passenger Name Record

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What is it?

The Create Passenger Name Record API is used to create a complete reservation for both air and hotel content by adding customer or agency details, performing bookings, pricing, and adding any special requests (if any), all within a single API call.

Why use it?

  • Simplifies the booking process by creating a Passenger Name Record (PNR) in a single API call
  • Creates reservations in a stateless way via session-less (ATK) tokens
  • Provides users with the ability to define API behavior while encountering common errors during the reservation process
    • Example: During a halt reservation, if an error is returned during price check when the initial booking attempts fail, it retries the booking for the next available service class.
  • Introduces an error handling process to ensure successful PNR creation
  • Allows users to specify a different target city (PCC) for the PNR creation
  • Eliminates the necessity to specify Price Quote links (PriceQuoteInfo) when different passenger types and prices are used (as required when using EnhancedAirBookRQ & PassengerDetailsRQ)

How it works

  • Adds general passenger details like names, contact details, etc.
  • Adds miscellaneous segment information, special service details like SSRs, Remarks, TSA related details, etc.
  • Performs booking and pricing for air segments, Sabre GDS hotel bookings via a booking key, and finalizes the transaction
  • The Create Passenger Name Record API then orchestrates all this information in its response.

How to use

For a successful PNR creation respective of air segments, the request should contain the following information:

  • Agency or Passenger Information:
    • /TravelItineraryAddInfo/AgencyInfo/Ticketing/@TicketType
    • /TravelItineraryAddInfo/CustomerInfo/ContactNumbers/ContactNumber/@Phone
    • /TravelItineraryAddInfo/CustomerInfo/PersonName
  • Details of the booked Air Segments:
    • /AirBook/OriginDestinationInformation/FlightSegment
  • Request to price the successfully booked segments:
    • /AirPrice/PriceRequestInformation
  • Request to commit the transaction:
    • /PostProcessing/EndTransaction
    • /PostProcessing/EndTransaction/Source/@ReceivedFrom

Note: For reservations departing to/from the US, or flying over the US, it is mandatory to pass Secure Flight Passenger Data (required by TSA): /CreatePassengerNameRecordRQ/SpecialReqDetails/SpecialService/SpecialServiceInfo/SecureFlight