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DCCI API Timatic

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What is it?

The Timatic AutoCheck solution allows Airlines and other travel-related organizations to access the Timatic AutoCheck database, which enables them to automate the provision and verification of a passport, a visa, and health information into their internal systems.

Timatic AutoCheck enables Airlines to automate this process so that all Passengers have their travel document and immigration requirements verified automatically. This check is performed when a Passenger first presents themselves at an airport touch-point, such as a kiosk, bag-drop, check-in desk, or boarding gate. Their travel document(s) is scanned and combined with their itinerary data, and then submitted to Timatic AutoCheck.

Why use it?

The /dcci/timatic service provides the following functionality:

  • POST /dcci/timatic/add

This service is used to add Timatic AutoCheck details, such as Type of Passenger document(s), Travel purpose, etc.

  • POST /dcci/timatic/override

This service is used to override Timatic AutoCheck verification results.

  • POST /dcci/timatic/verify

This service is used to trigger on-demand Timatic AutoCheck verification, for which information regarding the verification results can be returned. Based on these results, the Digital Connect Check-In customer can determine whether a passenger should be checked in.